Accounting Software Solutions

The current business environment demands systematic accounting systems to maximize efficiency and enhance productivity. Establishing an appropriate accounting system provides management with financial information necessary to make informed decisions.

Our Finance Resource Management Module is an integrated Financial and Planning System. It has the capabilities of meeting all the accounting and financing needs of an organization. The real-time functionality of this module allows for better decision-making and strategic planning. This supports the following three essential components.

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Financial Planning and Control
  3. Executive Information System

We also Provide The VAT enabled version of the Accounting Software.Our accounting software that manages your finances, keeps you GST compliant, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments.

This module consists of the following facilities:

Chart of account / Account Group Master / Account Master / Customer Master / Vendor Master / Branch Master / Division Master / Cost Centre Group / Cost Centre Master .. etc

Transaction Vouchers
Cash Payment / Cash Receipt / Cheque Payment / Cheque Receipt / Fund Transfer /Cheque Clearing /Cheque Reconciliation / Journal .. etc.

Daybook / Cash book / Ledger / General Ledger / Trial Balance /Income Statement / Balance Sheet / Statement of Cash Flow / Income Expense with Granph / Cash Flow Forecast / Cheque Details / Customer Aging / Vendor’s Aging / Account Receivable Graph / Account Payable Graph / Branch wise, cost centre wise, Reports and graphs / MIS / Actual vs Budjet Analysis .. etc.

The accounting system we recommend will be customized to fit each of our client’s business requirements, designed to accept organic expansion requirements and scalable for major expansions.

  • Analyzing activities and suggesting the most suitable software
  • Conveying the know-how of the operation of software
  • Training to personnel Review of systems on periodical basis
  • System implementation